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Right Place, Right Time: Into the Future

by Shea Malloy on 2018-03-21

Yara Parker just lost her beloved grandmother. So when a stranger swipes her grandma’s precious necklace, Yara can’t let him get away with it.

Trouble is, the thief is a time-traveller. And he’s taken Yara into the future with him - to the year 2130.

Worst of all, in 2130 she’s a criminal without an ID chip. She’s out of luck until Officer Kit Mathesen agrees to help her. But can Yara trust the arrogant cop? Even if he is ridiculously hot, and just about the only person she can turn to.

With a dark threat looming, Yara’s not sure they’ll ever find her necklace... or make it out alive.

Right Place, Right Time is a steamy science fiction time travel romance packed with action, suspense and danger!

No cheating, HEA guaranteed.

Press Start to Play: Celestial Mates

by Shea Malloy on 2017-09-22

Astrid Vassel signs up for a dating service. Celestial Mates provides a match, and then subsequently teleports her to Liam.
Liam’s sister signed him up for a dating service. During an important mission, a beautiful woman is teleported before him.
Together they have to complete Liam’s mission, avoid getting killed by the bad guys who want to stop Liam, and get back to Earth safely.

Men of Omaron Boxed Set: Sci-fi Alien Romance

by Shea Malloy on 2017-09-02

The Men of Omaron Boxed Set is compiled of 4 steamy science fiction romance stories. Get ready for lots action, adventure, and stories of extraordinary, intergalactic love. These powerful, handsome alien (and human) men will risk their lives for and fall in love with strong, feisty women who carry their babies!

Included in this set:
The Alien King's Baby
The Alien General's Baby
The Alien Commander's Baby
The Alien Princess's Love