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The Universe Recreated

by Shekhar Pal on 2018-03-09

Life, so what is it? Is it a kind of program that coded by GOD or is it a kind of a story itself for which we are playing a role of the whole play? We come, live and die this all is life. But beyond that I framed a beautiful story on the theory of big-bang.
Ayan and Anivesha completes Prof. Brij's Big-Bang experiment. As life is like a book in which days are its pages and each minute is its word.
Ayan's and Anivesha's story took a round turn to which we can call "LOVE", they fall in. What would have happened to them if that experiment would not be successful. The Big-Bang experiment, Project to create the whole Universe.
Enjoy reading to know where would be Ayan and Anivesha.