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Chasing Shadows: The Present Unearths A Mystery (Tracing Time Book 2)

by Shelly Snow Pordea on 2018-06-21

A continuation of the Tracing Time series, Chasing Shadows finds a confused Maggie Wright investigating her parents' disappearance fourteen years earlier. Fueled by the loss of yet another family member and overcome by raw curiosity, she sets out on a mission to uncover the truth she was never told. But will she find more than she can fathom? Take the difficult steps that would lead her down a path of no return? With the help of her new friend, Rowan, and clues from people who had concealed facts for so long, she is determined to unearth the hidden secrets of the past. All the while, David and Anna continue a mission of their own. The plan had always been to reunite their family and return to a time in which their children would never know loss. But is it too late for that dream to become a reality? Will the two couples' paths cross along their journeys to find each other? Both parties desperately hoping for one thing alone: togetherness.