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Tempted by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden Book 6)

by Sierra York on 2018-01-28

Twins, Abby and Arya have always had a special connection. When they prove to be unable to be computer-matched to mates The Powers That Be, try to force them to marry men who are under their control. Desperate for a way out, they negotiate their way off the planet by hitching a ride with two handsome strangers.
With most of his brothers having taken wives, Shn is starting to feel the chill of loneliness. So when, on the brink of war with Earth, Shn and Thm are sent on a recon mission to the closed planet he realizes it might be his opportunity to find a mate of his own. Can love grow between a woman and her rescuer? Or will Shn spend the rest of his life wanting a woman he can never have?

Freed by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden A Holiday Short )

by Sierra York on 2018-01-28

Once promised to a prince, Ncl has been branded a traitor, and life as she’s known it is over. Although innocent of the wrongdoing she's been accused of, she knows it doesn't matter because she is no longer welcome on her home planet. Now a prisoner, her fate is sealed when a handsome male pays an exorbitant fee to make her his.
Intergalactic soldier and prince, Ryn is feeling hemmed in by all the romance at his family home. He knows marriage will never be for him, but maybe a female to spend time with wouldn't be the worst idea. He has no intention of bidding on any of the female slaves in the market…but once he see Ncl, he acts without thinking.
Can she get past her feelings of inadequacy and accept her place beside a prince? Or will she spend the rest of her days longing for what she's lost?