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Rescued by the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden Book 4)

by Sierra York on 2018-01-28

Due to a brief, accidental foray onto an alien spacecraft, Carissa is being interrogated and quarantined by the religious rulers of Earth. The only thing that keeps her going are her brief daydreams about one of the aliens. She's offered the choice between living in shame or being sent to an unpopulated area, where she would have to quickly learn to defend herself to survive.

Grys can't get the beautiful Earth woman, Carissa, out of his mind. He tries to talk to her through a telepathic connection he knows can't really exist. But when he gets a distress call from her, he hightails it back to Earth, weapons at the ready.

Will he be in time to save her?
Or will she have made the worst choice imaginable?

Saving the Alien Barbarian (Warriors of Warden Book 2)

by Sierra York on 2018-01-27

Maria has spent her entire life in a compound for single women on the closed planet, Earth. She knows that soon a computer will choose her husband for her, and all her learning to be a good wife and a good citizen of the planet will be put to use.
Tylr Htfld wants nothing more than a wife to call his own. A member of the royal family of the planet Htfld, there are no women around to bear his children or fill that sexual need. When he sees a beautiful woman on a space station, he grabs her, not realizing she is the fated mate of one of the Mcys, his family's sworn enemies. After a fight with the woman's mate, he wakes up on Earth, injured with no memory. Can Maria possibly be as perfect as he thinks she is? Will he be able to convince her to leave with him when the time comes?