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Weird Science: Six Tales of Tentacles, Time Travel, Gender Swaps & More!

by Simone Scarlet on 2017-07-26

Discover 6 sexy tales of sizzlingly sensual science fiction!

Go behind the scenes at QuantoLabs Inc. - where unscrupulous science has sizzlingly sexy consequences!

This 70,000 book is a collection of exciting sci-fi, fantasy and erotica stories centered around the evil machinations of the sinister QuantoLabs Inc., a New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company specializing in questionably-ethical research - including genetically-enhanced squid monsters, human milking and gender-reversing nanobots.

In this collection, you’ll read:

  • Cream of the Crop: The Clinical Trial - Down-on-her-luck, single mom Gina thought she'd reached rock bottom. She'd lost custody of her daughter, her car had been repossesed, and she was about to get kicked out of her apartment. But then her old boss, from the mysterious QuantoLabs Corporation, calls her up with an offer that sounds too good to be true: Volunteer for a clinical trial for three months, and he'd wipe away the debts, set her up with a new apartment, and give her a job that paid three times what her old one did. But only after she's signed on the dotted line does Gina learn what this clinical trial involves - producing artificially-induced breast milk at huge volume.
  • Time of her Life - Husband Richard had just retreated to his bathroom, shocked and ashamed that he couldn't 'get it up' the night of he and his wife's tenth anniversary. his wife, Vanessa, is lying angrily in bed - furiously claiming: "You don't find me attractive any more!" But a brief bout with erectile dysfunction is the least of Richard's problems, when in a flash of light a stranger appears in his bathroom - a stranger than turns out to be him! “I don’t have long to explain,” Richard-from-the-future explains, "I’m you from three months in the future - and I'm here to save your marriage!”
  • Tentacle Test Subject Parts 1 & 2- In Tentacle Test Subject #1, discover Subject #8472 - a genetically-engineered super-squid with an unhealthy appetite for female flesh. Then read Part 2, and learn how the scientists at QuantoLabs Inc. have ended up with dozens of foot-long baby squid - and an ambitious way to market them. But when the disgusted housewife of a QuantoLabs Inc. employee breaks the cardinal rule - and flushes one of the foot-long beasties into her enormous fish pond - little does she know what the consequences will be.
  • Scumbag Jock’s Gender Swap - Muscle-head Johnny's got a bad reputation. He's a steroid-abusing, nose-picking, sexist scumbag who his friends and family can barely tolerate. Yet, that doesn't stop him swaggering about like he owns the place, and getting whatever he wants from work, women and life in general. But things are about to change. While visiting QuantoLabs Inc., Johnny gets reacquainted with Karen, a woman he once forced himself on at a basement party. She's working on an experimental fat-burning formula; and Johnny eagerly steals a syringe of it thinking he's found the answer to his body-building dreams. But instead of getting him ripped and toned, the microscopic robots inside the test-tube have another agenda in mind; and while Johnny's showering at the gym, they painfully transform his body into something completely unexpected. Naked, vulnerable and helpless, Johnny wakes up in the body of a gorgeous brunette - totally transformed into a sexy, sultry woman.
  • Crooked Cop’s Gender Swap - Tony Spinelli is a tough New Jersey cop with a corrupt streak - putting pressure on local crooks so they'll pay him just to stay in business. But when Miguel and his law-breaking buddies get hold of a top-secret, gender-switching formula, they finally have a plan for revenge - and soon Tony finds himself in a situation he couldn't have possible imagined - naked, helpless and trapped in a sexy new female body.

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