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The Cauldron (Starheart Book 1)

by Sirren Rossi on 2017-07-02

It is the 24th century. Deep in unexplored space lays the uncharted star system GS-104. The Terran Alliance starship 'Lightning' - a long range scout vessel - is tasked with surveying this far-flung system for potential colonization. The 'Lightning's' Chief Intelligence Officer - Commander Scirocco Piers - part spy, part officer, and part sex therapist - expects another routine mission.

What she does not expect is that the Lightning will encounter an alien ship from a rival galactic empire - and that the ship will break a long-standing treaty and attack - stealing secrets vital to Terran security across known space.

Now, Scirocco is called upon to use her many and varied skills to attempt to retrieve the stolen secrets and prevent the enemy from getting away with them and putting the whole of the Terran Alliance at risk - all without starting a war.

But with her captain dead and her plans falling apart, Scirocco is faced with challenge after challenge - on the alien ship, on her own ship's bridge, and in bed - forced to test all her skills with the fate of two empires hanging in the balance.

Can she find it in her heart to be what she must be and do what must be done?

Part One in the Starheart series, an erotic science fiction adventure tale.