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Shadow (Eddie & Shadow)

by Skylar Jaye on 2017-09-15

The sequel to the best-selling superhero romance erotica, Eddie.

Once supervillain kidnapper and powerless hostage, Vlad and Eddie are now happily living together in Boston. Except, Vlad can’t seem to get over his reservations about their relationship. Not only is he a super-powered vigilante, he’s also Eddie’s Dominant partner. At what point did such an unbalanced relationship become unhealthy?

Vlad’s worries take a turn for the worse when a new supervillain comes to town. Madam Dina takes control with ruthless efficiency and soon she sets her sights on Vlad—and on Vlad’s greatest weakness, Eddie. Now, Vlad must struggle to regain control of his fluctuating powers before he loses Eddie, and the happy life they’d built, permanently.