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Mates of the Fury: Complete Series

by Sofia Westlake on 2019-03-02

Lukin Prime
I woke up in an alien ship and unlike all those romance novels, these guys aren’t the good guys. They plan to sell me in some large slave auction and that is not good because there’s nothing slave-like about me. I’m opinionated, I’m a fighter and I know what I want in life. At least I thought I did until I was saved by Lukin Prime.

The female is unlike any I have ever met.
She shares her opinion even when I command her not to. She’s too beautiful to ignore. I think I may feel more for her than I want to. I cannot love Jack Tulane. I must not love her. My life is mapped out and I will follow the path I have chosen. Until she is taken from me, and I realise that nothing in this galaxy matters more than what destiny has thrown at me.

Hayeden’s Trial
You know what’s worse than falling in love with a guy who comes from outer space? Falling in love with a guy who takes one look at you and decides that you’re prime meat for a convent planet where the most exciting thing going on is scrubbing floors or praying all day. If Hayeden Cronan thinks he’s stranding me on that planet he’s got another thing coming.

Ryann Jones is a wildcard and a pain in my ass. I should get rid of her as I planned to from the beginning but once she runs and my enemies have her in their sights, I realise that there is nothing in this universe or beyond that I want more than Ryann.

Killen’s Rain
The day I met Killen Cronan I thought I was finally home. Turns out I was nothing more than a bargaining chip. So what if he came back for me and so what if he saved me? I won’t love him. Only, I do. I love him so much that when I am taken I will do anything to get back to him.

My bonded female is intent on killing me. I’ve tried to explain that trading her to a Miridalian slaver was all part of the plan but she refuses to budge, and who can blame her. The thing about a female’s wrath is that it burns hot. All I have to do now is save her from an alien host who seeks to possess her and enslave her completely.

Gidon’s Redemption
I didn’t mean to hit the tall, handsome stranger with my car. I really didn’t. And with my court date approaching I can’t afford to get thrown into jail for a plain old accident. That’s why I put him in my car and pretend that we’re more than strangers. What’s a girl to do when a sexy, weirdly large man decides that he’s your personal bodyguard?

When I meet Carmine Jordan I have a mission. Collect the evidence she has of our existence and leave Earth. It should have been simple and it would have been, until I met the startlingly beautiful minx and she knocked me out of orbit. She’s shy and funny and she lies like she was born to it. When she is taken it is up to me to find her. I have to save her because as it turns out, she is my redemption.

Brawn’s Match
When Brawn unclaimed me, the Fury equivalent of a divorce, I was inconsolable. He shamed me, left me, made me beg for his love, only to realise it was too late. My life is back on track now and with Brawn returned to us from imprisonment and torture I can breathe once again. Until he makes a proposition I cannot refuse, even if my heart screams that I should. I have wanted this male since I matured and understood what desire is and I will have him. On my terms.

I survived and now that I am back on the mother ship, surrounded by those I love, all I can seem to do is want the one female I vowed to despise. I am determined never to cede my heart to Linay. She owes me for her betrayal. She will give me what I want and I will walk away when it is over and let her know what true betrayal is. I just did not realise that within the anger I feel is a love that will never die.