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The Day That Nothing Happened

by Sonal Sehgal on 2018-10-26

To accommodate an "extra day" in our calendar a worldwide shut down of electromagnetic activity has been called for. Which means no use of electric or battery operated appliances, no internet, no vehicular movement and there will be no record of any activity on that day as well. After the midnight of 18th June 2019, there will be an undocumented period of 24 hours post which the calendar will roll over to the 19th June and we resume life as if nothing happened. Only Veer, an astrophysicist at the helm of managing this cosmic aberration knows of one thing that will happen as a direct consequence. A portal will open into a Parallel Universe.When the fated day arrives, Veer reaches out to Samara to make her see for herself that he did not sacrifice their relationship for ambition. In his theory of the Multiverse, you don't choose one over the other. Both choices play out in different Universes. He implores her to travel with him through this portal and witness their "happily ever after". But when the portal does open, it's a Pandora's box. There is not one, but many Parallel Universes.Dev and Desiree are another couple who explore astral projection to deal with complex human relationships. The day when the Universe is paused, they accidentally discover the Multiverse. The worlds of science (the Multiverse) and spirituality (the 4th dimension) collide as the story climaxes.