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Arriving Soon


The Alien From Andromeda: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Sonya Randall on 2017-09-20

Agent 303 stood firmly next to the king. Translated into English, he spoke, “Half of the population were now dead and the number is rising. This calls for evacuation to another planet.”

The king kept his gaze fixed at the distance. “No, the prophecy has to be fulfilled.”

“But the prophecy is just a hoax. The elders have come down from their positions for the gods have abandoned us. It’s now time to fight and stand our ground. If we don’t act now, our kind would come to extinction.” His face turned golden green from frustration and his scales breathed open.

King Madox took a deep breath and then sighed in despair. “The gods have breathed life into our existence. All the rights were theirs to determine our fate and if we truly reached the end of our existence, so be it. Lay your faith on the promise that the resurrection would take place after the desolation–”

Agent 303 cut in and confronted the king with an obvious disbelief in his words. “But there isn’t such thing! The gods take pleasure on seeing us suffer and from instinct, such resurrection would never take place. If we don’t impose our authorities, all the other planets would be in danger.”

“The other planets have no dealings with us. They don’t even know we exist so when we vanish, we’ll bury our history with us.”

He frowned. His eyes glazed with silver tears as his pupil narrowed vertically. “You’re mad,” he uttered without excuse.

And the king didn’t seem so bothered by the insult. After the queen died along with the young princess, he’d lost his ability to think beyond his grief. He was letting his emotions rule his logic, thus his judgment to decide between right and wrong. Then, it became apparent that he could no longer use his authority to make wise decisions.