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Nectar for the Gods: Saved: An Alien Abduction Romance

by Sophie Kisker on 2018-08-24

They’re destined to be her mates - but only if they can save her from the threats that surround them.

Abriela was transported through time to satisfy Anterrins' addiction to the nectar that human women produce. After her master thinks he’s killed her, she escapes, winding up in the care of two handsome aliens.

Brothers Kirin and Damek find the small human and take her home to recover. When they unexpectedly form a connection, the brothers realize they can’t give her up. She's feisty and disobedient, and chastising her only draws them closer.

But her master wants her back, enemies want to experiment on her, and the King claims her. Even if Kirin and Damek make her their mate, she’s no safer, and pulling them apart would be dangerous for all three.

Will those who see her as nothing more than property to be exploited succeed at tearing them apart, or will the two aliens who love her give her the first happiness she’s known since leaving Earth?

An HEA romance with explicit sex, menage, dark themes, and corrective discipline. This is Book 2 but can be read as a standalone.

Nectar for the Gods: Claimed: An Alien Abduction Romance

by Sophie Kisker on 2018-05-26

Dreams fill her nights.  Nightmares fill her days.

Keelie Johnson was abruptly pulled through a rift in time and space to a planet where human women are wanted for only one thing - the nectar between their thighs.  And the only thing worse than being a slave on Anteros is being bought by a tentacled alien who takes her away from the planet that has the only door back to Earth. All she has left are her dreams of two Anterrin men whose faces she never sees.

Siridin Sens is on the run after killing the man who murdered his brother.  When he finds a wrecked ship with a human nectar slave who survived, it’s a complication he doesn’t need. She’s disobedient, even after a trip over his knees for a thorough spanking.  And when she starts telling stories of hearing a ghost, he’s had enough, and vows to get rid of her as soon as he can. But the universe seems to have other plans.

Can Keelie convince Siridin that her dreams carry a message for him, too? Can Siridin save Keelie after he makes the biggest mistake of his life?

This 20,000-word novella has themes of power exchange, explicit sex, spankings, and menage (m/f/m). Previously published as "The Ghost in the Stars" in the Alien Alphas anthology.

Nectar for the Gods: Owned: An Alien Abduction Romance

by Sophie Kisker on 2018-01-31

On Anteros, human women are desired for one thing: their nectar.

Tressa has been stolen from Earth. When she wakes up on Anteros, she's informed that her only purpose in life now is to produce the nectar that Anterrins crave. But instead, she’s found unsuitable, and scheduled to be destroyed.

She’s saved by brothers Jerom and Keilat, who plan to exploit her difference to make themselves very wealthy. When she captures their hearts instead, can they keep her safe from the powerful people who would take her away to face a grim future? And will Tressa ever submit to the discipline and delicious torments her handsome new masters plan for her?

With dark themes, unequal power exchange, corrective discipline, and explicit menage scenes, this HEA romance will leave you aching to have your own Anterrin masters steal you away.