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Taking Her Place: A Body Swap Cyberpunk Romance

by Sophie Pert on 2019-04-11

My creation will change the world.

I called the technology ‘The Jump.’ You tie yourself to the machine and throw your consciousness across space to somewhere else. You leave your body and become another.

I never expected this.

My work was in the early stages of testing, a mystery to everyone in my time. But then I wasn’t in my time anymore.

They’ve taken me to their world.

They’ve taken me to my future, thrusting me into the body of a strange and alluring woman and thrusting me into the middle of their war. Fought on the streets of this bizzare city, in a world filled with technology beyond my greatest imagining and filled with the secrets of my past that I cannot help but seek out.

I have to choose between sides. Between the man who represents order and stability and the one who represents upheaval and change. Between a man who is charismatic but conniving, and one who is forthright but idealistic.

Not just between their causes but between the men themselves. Thrust into all of this and contending with the new desires of this body. This body that speaks to me. That tells me what I need and what I want. That tells me what I crave.

My choice can mean death or life. Not just for myself but for so many more. My choice is tied up in the mystery of a single question.

What kind of person am I?

Do I have the strength to do what is right?

Taking Her Place is a novel about a man who is pulled out of his time into a future and a body that is terrifying and exciting in equal measures. They are caught in a war for the future of a world they finds themselves connecting to and must face their own weaknesses and determine whether they have the courage to do what is right. To be the woman they need to be.