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Arriving Soon


Alien Conquest

by Sophie Stern on 2017-12-27

He's damaged.

She's lost.

He's searching.

She's broken.

When Lana is ripped from her home planet, she doesn't think she'll ever feel safe again. She doesn't want to go to Sapphira. She doesn't want to live among aliens. She doesn't want anything they have to offer her.

And then she meets Cody.

Tall, dark, handsome, and brooding, he's completely wrong for her.

Or is he?

Cody promised himself he wouldn't make the same mistakes his parents did. He wouldn't fall in love with someone only to have them break his heart. He deserves better than that, so he's shied away from love his entire life. When he meets Lana, everything changes. The delicate woman is soft, sweet, and fragile. She's precious, and he doesn't know if he can ever let her go.

When the rebels from Lana's home planet threaten their safe haven on Sapphira, however, Cody is forced to take matters into his own hands to ensure that nothing tears them apart: not even each other.

Star Kissed (In the Darkness Book 2)

by Sophie Stern on 2017-11-16

Blake doesn’t have time for love. As a member of the elite Extrinsic team, he’s never minded giving up romance for combat. He likes fast ships, fast fights, and fast women: in that order. Blake has been a part of Extrinsic for years and he's seen the worst parts of the universe, but when a betrayal catches him off guard, his confidence is shattered.

Sasha doesn't need a man. They can't be trusted, and she has no interest in getting her heart broken again. When her best friend's world is threatened, though, she knows she can't stand idly by and let him go through this alone.

The problem is, she's not sure if her heart can handle it.