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Arriving Soon


Claimed by the Alien Prince

by Stacey Spacey on 2018-01-12

The well-endowed prince of the planet Dal’Atar has set his sights from above on the most beautifully curvy woman he has ever laid eyes on. Young and untouched, with perfectly wide, child-bearing hips necessary produce an heir of his kind, Jax will stop at nothing to make her his queen.

But how can he possibly convince this inexperienced girl to follow him back to an unknown world? If Claire can find the courage, she’ll be treated to a life of royalty. But can she take everything Jax has to offer—-all the way to the hilt? He’s awfully BIG after all.

Jax needs a mate. Is Claire the one to take him all inside, and give him the heir that will make her his queen?

Forget about wearing protection, it’s time to blast off…