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Team: A Space Romance Serial (Edge of Mind Book 2)

by StarAndrea on 2018-08-25

Elisia is a colony on the galactic frontier, established as a safe harbor for those with unusual psychic powers. The planet is defended by an elite wing of fighter pilots, their physical and cognitive abilities increased by nanorobotic enhancers, and they’re looking for a leader.

In the second episode, five people who faced down raiders together find it's easier to trust each other when they're working against a common enemy. The wake of the battle leaves the team's two empaths uncertain of where they stand, both with each other and with their fellow pilots.

When Saryn walks, Jenna stays, and the team introduces her to the public as their newest member. They don't mention Saryn, and he doesn't mention them, even to his family. Jenna comes looking for him later that night, but she doesn't want answers. She just wants him.

Saryn sees no reason not to agree.

Saryn of Elisia: A Paranormal Romance Serial (The Border Rangers Book 1)

by StarAndrea on 2018-08-07

Elisia is a colony on the galactic frontier, established as a safe harbor for those with unusual psychic powers. The planet is defended by an elite wing of fighter pilots, their physical and cognitive abilities increased by nanorobotic enhancers, and they’re looking for a leader.

In the first episode, a diplomat finds himself pressed into service with little warning. He’s familiar with the mission of the border guard: they fight to keep their planet safe and free. He isn’t familiar with the people or the technology involved.

The technology includes nanobots that enhance psychic powers along with physical ones. Among the people is an empath who insists they share the ability to detect unspoken emotions, despite the fact that this is explicitly prohibited in diplomatic professions, and another new recruit who’s more reckless, less respectful, and just as interested in getting to know him.

Together they’ll defend their home, their secrets, and each other.

Lightning (Children of Power Book 6)

by StarAndrea on 2018-06-30

Jenni and Michiko graduate from Smith Valley, and they've made plans for a vacation on Calijyt before starting freelance work along the Border. Roris is headed for Eltare after a visit home, but Ziah is secretive about his intinerary. He tells Jenni only that she should stay away from Earth, and not to believe everything she sees in the news.

She and Michiko arrive on Calijyt to find Hope waiting for them there. Hope is supposed to be on Alandia with Kechana, and Roris supplies proof that she is. She's also on Calijyt. Hope says she's chasing political leads in an effort to help Earth without endangering her own home, and she thinks Michiko can help.

Hope's traveling companions come looking for her when she doesn't come back. Jenni bonds with Metta over language and argues with Jastavika over the same. In the meantime, Terra is on her way with a ship and news of family: their mother is heading home to Earth.

When Ziah reappears with a friend they haven't seen since the mid-term break and some very important people after them, everyone's plans change.

Perception (Ships in Service Book 3)

by StarAndrea on 2018-06-19

Casian has found a place among the crew of the organic ship she loves. The ship doesn't like it when she calls herself crew, though: Deyn would prefer she think of herself as family. This strains Casian’s relationship with the ship’s captain and causes uncertainty among the rest of the crew.

Anna is happy for Deyn, but it's difficult to lead a crew when half of them look to Casian for instructions instead of her. Casian doesn't want a leadership role, making the situation more frustrating for both of them. Deyn alternates between unconcerned and counterproductive, and the rest of her family is more interested than helpful.

When Deyn's human form starts appearing to anyone who touches her skin, with none of the usual side effects that go with shared perception, her interaction with the crew is suddenly more direct. Anna is cautious of the newfound communication, but not everyone is willing to wait. Deyn is impatient with Anna and happy to encourage the others.

Casian finds herself caught in the middle when Deyn and Anna stop talking to each other. Anna restricts the ship to test flights until they know more about what’s happening, and Casian is subject to experiments by Deyn’s family. Through it all the human Deyn is at her side, and Casian can only wonder what the ship sees when it looks at her.

Finding Time (XMR Book 3)

by StarAndrea on 2018-06-05

As a member of the Earth Planetary Defense, Sky is often at odds with aliens and humans alike. His status as an undercover agent among the anti-integration elite has become more controversial since his marriage to Jack. Both men find themselves caught between privilege and responsbility as they try to build a life based on something other than their public personas.

Jack's friends aren't pleased with his new alliance either, but he's more concerned with Sky's seemingly endless list of enemies: ninja, time travelers, even his own employer. Their unplanned honeymoon begins as yet another social subterfuge when Sky needs to a plausible reason to miss work until his powers settle down. Jack agrees anyway, and they get out of the city overnight.

They're kidnapped by operatives of a temporal police agency the moment they arrive at their supposedly secret destination. Sky is quickly clear on one thing: everyone involved is much more interested in Jack than they are in him. It's an unprecedented opportunity to learn about Jack's past, and Jack is as surprised as anyone else that the explanation lies in the future.

If they can survive their honeymoon, the sudden disappearance of Jack's sister, and the end of Sky's assignment, they may yet fulfill the terms of their contract.

Guardian (Children of Power Book 4)

by StarAndrea on 2018-05-26

The mid-year break at Smith Valley affords Kae an excellent opportunity to get some work done. Since Hope has managed to keep herself out of trouble for several days in a row, he accepts a reconnaissance mission to Sirian space and a followup undercover operation on Earth. The first person he encounters isn't a person at all, but the android avatar used by the Smith Valley AI: also undercover, and surprisingly willing to help him.

While Kae and KERI try to determine the Sirians' true purpose on Earth, Michiko and Jenni are on their way back to Smith Valley. The nearest transportation hub happens to be Roris' homeworld, so they get him to give them a tour during their layover. When the three of them look up Kechana to see if she'll introduce them to her dolphin friends, it turns out that she already has a visitor of her own.

Lights of Home (Children of Power Book 3)

by StarAndrea on 2018-04-28

The mid-year break at Smith Valley coincides with the Elisian Winter Festival, a time on Jenni's terraformed homeworld to celebrate the only annual rainfall the desert receives. Michiko meets Jenni's parents, neither of whom are deaf, along with friends and neighbors who all have varying degrees of signing ability. Jenni's twin sister Terra is their co-conspirator during the festivities.

The easy interaction Jenni shares with her family and friends makes Michiko worry all the more about Earth. They have plans to celebrate Christmas with Michiko's parents before their vacation is over, but all of Jenni's sign languages are alien and Michiko isn't sure how her family will react. Her younger brother has never been offworld. Her dad didn't want her going to Smith Valley in the first place.

Even if they make it through extended family introductions, not to mention the question of sleeping arrangements, Michiko is worried that Jenni will feel excluded by language alone.