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Love From Above: A Scifi Alien Romance (Yearning Book 1)

by Stella Casey on 2018-08-11

The tiger followed me home. Talk about things you never expect to admit but that's how it all started: the tiger followed me home. ...Except he wasn't a tiger. It turns out, the zoo's tiger is some kind of shapeshifter from another planet.

And I think I might be in love. Being a single mother with two full-time jobs is hard enough--I don't have time for love! I can barely keep a roof over our heads as it is.

What even is my life these days? I'm just a veterinarian. What do I know about aliens? Until yesterday I didn't even believe in them but he's just so... fascinating.

Exiled from my home world, branded a criminal, it was easier to find a place with free meals than it was to try to fit in with these humans. I've watched for her through the glass since the first day I spotted her. There's just something about her that makes me hold my breath for that extra second when her hips twitch with those high heels and-

I'm not supposed to reveal myself while I'm here but who's going to find out if I do? I'm sure I can convince her to keep quiet and she has a darling little girl. I've always loved children.

Sure, she doesn't realize she's got someone special purring after her every move but how would she know? Humans don't often talk to shapeshifters lounging on earth as tigers.

This 50,000 word sci-fi alien romance is sure to send shivers down your spine. With sexy shapeshifters and a wholesome veterinarian just trying to keep up with it all, this book is sure to send you into orbit. Steamy scene.