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Arriving Soon


Alien Mechanic's Junker Bride

by Stella Dawn on 2018-11-12

I'm too busy for love. I've got refugee supplies to drop off, self-centered captains to trade with, and a jealous ex to outrun.

Then, my ship breaks down. To top it all off, the massive, muscular, sexy-as-sin alien I've hired to fix it thinks I'm his mate.

I don't care if he's hotter than the fire his draconic ancestors breathed.

I don't care how good he is in bed. Or in the cockpit. Or up against the wall.

I don't even care that he claims we're fated.

I don't need a mate, only a mechanic. Or at least that's what I think until all hell breaks loose. I hate to admit it, but the darkness I'm facing is too much for me to go up against alone. To protect my freedom, I'm going to have to give myself to the dangerous alien stranger who wants to keep me for himself.

Stroke of Midnight (Future Fairytales)

by Stella Dawn on 2018-10-09

Cindy isn’t interested in princes and thinks that happily ever after is nothing more than a fairytale. But the other shoe is about to drop, because the only way for her to rescue her stepsisters from their wicked stepmother is to sneak into the ball and outmaneuver the one man she cannot stand — the arrogant, selfish, and sexy-as-sin king. Soon, she's at risk of becoming a pawn in her own game, for the king is ruthlessly pursuing his own agenda. He’s determined to teach her a lesson before the night is through: at the stroke of midnight, nothing is forbidden.

Turns out their unforgettable tryst is the least of their surprises. Do you know what's more inconvenient than a misplaced glass slipper?

Unplanned pregnancy.