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Arriving Soon


Puzzle (The Pink Trilogy Book 2)

by Stephanie Powell on 2017-10-13

In the follow-up to Pink, Cassie’s story continues as she searches for Sam. She mourns the death of her mother who was killed by the mec, the surgically created male who sought to kidnap Sam. With the help of Jamie, the childhood friend she discovered in a secret isolation chamber, Cassie looks for her lost love.

Cassie also helps her father and now six-year-old twin brother Cody to adjust after The Return, the night the men came back from the void . . . the night Cassie drowned Sam. But she knows he is still alive—Sam called out to her, his voice distant but still there, reaching out from some unknown place.

Jamie accompanies Cassie in her quest to find Sam, all the while struggling to hide his own growing feelings for her. Yet it is Cody who sends Cassie on a journey she never thought possible, a journey that will change her life forever. Will she succeed in saving Sam from the black cloud that is bent on destroying him? Or will Cassie lose Sam forever?