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Leahbelle Beachy and the Beings of Light (Amish Terror Book 2)

by Stephen Beachy on 2018-04-12

Leahbelle Beachy has always had a hard time accepting the dictates of the men and boys around her. But strange visitors are troubling her Amish community--Genetically Modified Rats, government exterminators, a mysterious new technology invading the livestock--and it seems the only person who can help her is the seductive and dangerous Gonzalo, a cyborg rebel involved in an underground movement against the government. When catastrophe makes her a fugitive and hurtles her into the outside world, with all its elaborate technologies, genders, and life forms, Leahbelle will be forced to take a journey of discovery. With Gonzalo as her guide, she will chart a parallel path to that of her old friend Zeke Yoder. In encounters with futuristic youth subcultures, quantum computers, empaths, sociopaths, and beings of light, the winding paths of Leahbelle and Zeke put them on a risky and illuminating collision course with their destinies--and with the destiny of the cosmos itself.