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The Biological Mind

by Stephen Fleenor on 2018-02-20

A neuroscientist has all but proven atheism true - but he refuses to accept it. The Biological Mind is the story of Peter Chadwick, haunted by the untimely death of his father, on a desperate quest for metaphysical answers in an atheistic universe. In the backdrop of this journey is the rise of Filius Ignito, an artificially intelligent robot on a destructive rampage. And when Peter is recruited to decode and deactivate the robot, he soon learns that the secret to defeating Ignito lies not in his mind, but in the depths of his soul.

The Biological Mind explores the very essence of humanity, from Peter's impassioned love for a beautiful woman named Claire, to his seduction by an evil energy, and challenges fundamentally who we all are as humans. And as Filius Ignito's wave of impending destruction reflects our own inevitable demise, it questions what we will all become.