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Wandering Star: A Reunification Novel

by Steven Anderson on 2017-08-29

The Reunification Commission Ship Wandering Star is old, and as small as a ship can be and still use the Deep Space Holes. At just over two kilometers in circumference, she and her sisters have provided faithful service to generations of men and women working to reassemble the shattered pieces of Earth’s Galactic Union.

Now it is recent RuComm Academy graduate Theodore Holloman's turn to make a difference, to place his life on the line and fulfill his ambition to test himself against the distant worlds he has dreamed of all his life.

But be careful, Ted. Be careful of the tropical paradise on Dulcinea, where two nations want to wage a dirty war. Be careful of the uninhabited world Cleavus, where nothing is as it seems. And be careful of the Warrens on Bodens Gate, where anything can be had for a price, and the first words of revolution are being whispered in the back alleys. Most of all, Ted, be careful of your heart; for there is a saying on fair Dulcinea that your destiny is determined by who you invite into your bed.