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Arriving Soon


Original Blues

by Steven Maurer on 2017-09-16

It is the year 42039. Companions, having traveled for millennia to a planet named New Earth, are now ready to receive transmissions of the first colonists from Earth. And Cynthia and her classmates, some of the last pure humans bred, have the honor of being the first to be teleported there - a journey that will take several hundred more, even at light speed.

It's an awe inspiring responsibility that she takes seriously, despite not getting along with everyone in her class.Yet regardless of her natural trepidation, Cynthia believes that she and her boyfriend will do Earth proud. After all, nothing much can go wrong. The Companions are there to make sure.

A short hard science fiction novelette musing on love, loss, and what it means to be human.

Not erotica, but still explicit.