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Birth Book (5): A dirty story about a dirty country (Empty Nation)

by Sue Yan Nish on 2018-10-03

[5]: Empty Nation / Birth

The Gurls are caught in the Battle-of-the-Holes (read the series to understand that one). Jane takes one up the cooch for Mary.

Next the couple is off to Carnival! Vacation in beautiful Rio was great till the whole thing goes bust! The Gurls are kidnapped by the VAC. Then it’s up to Mars where Russian miners riot for more holes. But of course Mary and Jane save the day as usual with their naughty Gurly persuasion.

On to the Middle-East for State Department business and a few compromises ensue. The Gurls find out that there’s much more involved with Mary being the Mother Superior than they thought.

Southeast Asia calls on the Action-Adventure team of Mary & Jane to solve the ASB shortage. They end up stripping down, mounting the LCT benches and take matter up the only capable holes in town!

And of course their Mother’s give birth to the FEM babies. Wah! Wah! Wah! Aghh… as the veterinarian has his way with them and signs the livestock certificates.