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Arriving Soon


Chief (Skin Walkers Book 19)

by Susan Bliler on 2019-01-29

Alpha wolf shifter, Chief, has just suffered a surprising loss at the shifter pack battles, which sucks because the prize was a mate. Any hope of a she-wolf taming Chief’s out-of-control inner wolf is gone. Worse, the cost of his loss is a year stint at the Skin Walker compound, StoneCrow Estates. Being in Monroe StoneCrow’s employee isn’t someplace any wolf shifter wants to be.

Alessandra (Alise) Crane is at StoneCrow to attend the wedding of her best friend. All through the reception, she feels eyes on her. A tatted up beast in the shadows has been watching her, but she’s too busy playing bride’s maid to pay much attention. When she finally locks eyes with the beast, something happens. Alise suffers some sort of attack, and the only thing that eases the agony tearing through her is the touch of the man who’s been stalking her.

Chief and Alise have been stricken!

Finding a mate had been Chief’s goal but Alise is a lowly human, not what we wanted. Can he overcome his prejudice? Or will his stubborn pride chase off the one woman who could give both he and his wolf the peace they’ve been seeking?

*This book is part of the Skin Walkers series. Since each book in this series focuses on a different couple, they can be read as stand-alones.


Three shots of whiskey and two beers deep, Chief set up camp at one of the stone picnic tables just outside of the patio area. Distanced from the lit-up pergola and candle strew tables, he sat in darkness—now that the sun had fully set. The darkness suited him just fine. It made it easier to watch her!

The woman was a beautiful little thing. She was wearing a pretty green dress and had her long, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail that showed of the graceful arc off her neck. Her lips were bright red and kept drawing Chief’s attention, almost as much as the one shoulder that was exposed by her dress. There was a tattoo on it of a large blackbird whose wing swept down just beneath her collarbone and across what he could see of her chest.

Elbows on his knees, he leaned a little closer to study her more intently and almost fell off where he was seated with his ass on the table and his booted feet on the bench seat.

“Goddamn it,” he snarled quietly and righted himself before his eyes found the woman again. He couldn’t stop staring at her, and he knew she could feel his eyes on her because she kept looking around trying to find the source of her discomfort. That was revealing too because her eyes kept tracking back to James. He knew the Skin Walker Sentry from previous meetings. The guy was okay, a jokester, which Chief never understood, but still okay. Still, his familiarity with the Sentry didn’t stop Chief from shooting James a dark look. It didn’t last long though because his wolf dragged his attention back to her. Watching her wasn’t enough though. Both beast and man wanted a closer look, so Chief shoved up off the table and made his way to one of the empty tables near the bar.

Taking a seat, he kicked one leg out in front of him in a relaxed pose that belied the tumultuous emotions roiling inside him.

“Chieftain.” James greeted. Turning to face Chief with a cold beer in his hand he asked, “What’s up, man?”

The greeting was irksome. Chief didn’t even bother tearing his eyes from the woman as he asked, “The woman in green, who is she?”

“Green?” James asked. “Would we call that green? Seems more like turquoise or no, wait! Amanda calls it teal. It’s her favorite color.”

Chief was going to say something, chastise James for being a dork, but Alise slid her bright golden gaze from James to him. Before their eyes even locked every hair on Chief’s body was standing on end. Electrified! Then it happened.

Bellis (Skin Walkers book 14)

by Susan Bliler on 2018-11-29

Bellis StCroix, Skin Walker Assassin, only comes out of the shadows when he’s called to duty. The reason? Because he is a shadow himself. Pitch black skin, silky ebony hair, and inky wells for eyes, Bellis’ looks have set him apart from his kind his entire life. Because he’s so different there will never be hope for an Angel in his future. Angels don’t exist in hell. But when his latest mission has him capturing a Megalya enemy, the petite female in his arms isn’t what he expected. Feisty, fierce, and sexy as sin, his little prisoner has his inner beasts snarling to protect her instead of locking her up.

Samantha Michaels is Megalya. Enemy to Skin Walkers, her brother has killed his fair share of the rare shifters. What her brother doesn’t know is that Sam is working with the Skin Walker Dominant to help bring the Megalya down. Everything is going according to plan until she’s captured by a Demon Walker, and this Demon, Bellis, doesn’t know of her duplicity. With a traitor still in the Skin Walker ranks, Sam can’t trust Bellis with the truth of her identity, which means she’s got to keep up her act. Problem is, the longer Bellis guards her, the less she wants him thinking she’s the enemy.

The Hunt

by Susan Bliler on 2018-05-30

Kidnapped, corralled, and marked, Vesa Watson refuses to break. A nameless face in the sea of a dozen or so other women who were snatched off the street just like her, Vesa refuses to show any sign of weakness. She can’t. There’ll be no hope of escape if she loses it now. Unsure what is going to happen, she knows one thing for certain. She’s going to fight! No matter what, no matter who, no matter how, she’s going to fight with everything she has even if the captor who’s had her marked is some sexy, dominant, beast of a man who can’t keep his eyes off her.

The Hunt has been a part of wolf shifter history for as long as anyone can remember. Still, it doesn’t keep Haddix BloodMoon from fuming at his forced participation. Tantamount to an arranged marriage, The Hunt is the Council’s way of controlling the packs. Worse, the crying, sniveling women who were taken and transported to the event’s mountain site aren’t his type. No, Haddix needs a dominant female. A strong-willed, no-nonsense, take no sh*t woman is what his wolf needs. When he finds a little fighter among the offerings, both he and his wolf take notice.

Vesa thought that being kidnapped and forced into marriage with a wolf-shifter was the biggest threat to her future, but it’s not. It’s falling for her new mate, Haddix BloodMoon.


“It’s simple ladies,” the man spoke. “When you hear the howl, you run. Doesn’t matter what direction. You. Run! If you don’t run, if you stay here, drop to your knees in fear or submission, it simply means you’ve denied your Hunter the benefit of the chase. He won’t like it. I promise you won’t either. You’ll get a five-minute head start. You’ll need it. I reiterate. When the howl bays, run!”

Hunter? Run?

So that was the game. Suddenly, the paint made sense. They’d been brought here to be hunted down by these men but for what? Had they paid just for the experience of hunting humans down like they were animals? Her eyes dipped to the different colored paint on each woman’s chest.

Like licking a doughnut, so no one else touches it!

She wanted to puke, and it only intensified when she realized that these Hunters could only have one end game. She and all the other women were going to be chased down and killed.

Before she could even register what was happening, the men surrounding them all suddenly backed up.

Vesa’s eyes scanned the forest around them, seeking out the best path when her eyes snagged on a wooden structure that looked like a row of stalls. There was a single man in each stall. Her eyes tracked down the men pacing in their respective stalls and landed on Haddix. He was watching her, his eyes intense, and it made her sick that a few short minutes ago she was thinking he was hot and now he was going to be hunting her like she was a deer!

Screw him! Screw this game!

Her lips thinned into a grim line, and she lifted both hands and gave him two middle finger salutes. If she was dying today, it was going to be on her terms.

Her belly dipped when he merely beamed a grin and then blew her a kiss.


Spinning she gave him her back and locked her eyes on a path. Hands shaking and blood rushing too loudly in her ears, she wondered if she’d even be able to hear this stupid howl.