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Falling for a Dragon: A Scifi Alien Romance (Cosmic Dragons Book 1)

by Susan de Niim on 2019-02-25

Dragons might be cold-blooded, but you can still teach them to love.

When Kiara, a bookish scientist, is stranded on an asteroid with a brutish Drakthan warrior, she is determined to watch for any chance of escape. Imminent disaster forces them together, but Kiara is left with two questions that cut right to her core. Can she trust the dragon that saved her? And what does he truly want from her?

Jag’iin is the last of his race, the final child born before virus bombs made every woman of his race infertile. It was an accident that brought him into contact with Kiara, but from the moment he sees her, he knows the truth. She is a compatible mate, the future of his entire people. Jag'iin is desperate to gain the glory that would come with finding a cure for his people's infertility, but he is caught in a dilemma. He can feel himself falling for the human woman, but his society would never allow it. Will he use Kiara as a mate, or will he risk everything to follow his hearts?

Love brings a human and a Drakthan together, but will it be enough to build an alliance between their warring races? There isn’t much time to find out, for a hidden foe moves in the darkness, waiting to destroy all life in the galaxy. Will Kiara be able to ignore generations of hatred and fall for a dragon? And will Jag’iin be able to look past Kiara's body and find the woman he's always been searching for?

Falling for the dragon is a heartwarming story of two enemies who can’t resist their attraction to one another. It's full of spicy sex scenes, but delivers an HEA that's as sweet as anything.