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Captivated (Night Sky Series Book 3)

by Susan Kay Morningstar on 2018-08-09

Please don't forget to read books one and two of my, Night Sky Series. Skipping any books will leave you totally confused, enjoy.

Our heroes have been through a lot in the past twenty odd years. They have faced death, mutiny, betrayal, love, hate… Where do our heroes stand now? At the end of book one we discover a secret that was hidden long ago. During book two we discover what exactly the secret is and how it came to pass. Now in book three, we will watch our heroes as they pull themselves up and out of their hell and into the life they were each meant to live. Join me once again for the story of The Sobriehtons and the Earthlings. Who will win this time? Fate? Destiny? Or will they discover they don’t need either, as long as they have each other?

When Two Worlds Collide (Night Sky Series Book 2)

by Susan Kay Morningstar on 2018-07-28

Don't forget to read the first book of my Night Sky Series, but please don't skip to book three or you will be lost

Gwyneth knew there was something different about him the moment his arms wrapped around her waist and she felt an electric shock. It didn’t take her long to discover that he’s the man she’s been waiting for all her life.
Then to find out he’s an alien from a planet far far away… And not just a regular Joe alien either, he’s a bloody King!
Until this man, she had believed her art was her life, who she was. And now she’s a wife, a mother, a friend, and a Queen.
Living on a Space Station in space is exciting and dangerous at the same time. When you mix two worlds together things don’t always go as planned. And when things started to get out of hand she knew the bonds she shared with her new family would keep them going.
But are those bonds strong enough to keep them together? Or will they be torn apart?

On The Run (Night Sky Series Book 1)

by Susan Kay Morningstar on 2018-07-19

Gretta Frondel is an aspiring dancer with a bright future ahead of her, until fate takes her life for a spin. Meeting aliens and falling in love was never in her life plan, but plans are made to be changed, and meeting Pilar and Leih was the best thing to ever happen to her.
Being on an alien Space Station hovering Earth is like being at a neighbor’s barbeque, naked, everyone stares at you, and some even hate you. To Have a bodyguard as your tour guide seems a bit much, right? But being the only Earthling on an alien Space Station brings a lot of trouble.
Having to leave her new family was hard, but soon she would see her family on Earth again. But things didn’t go right with that either, can’t she catch a break?
When she’s reunited with her family on the Space Station things start to go hay wire and they find themselves in more trouble then ever before. Is she really the one they’ve been waiting for? Or are they doomed to fall into chaos and cease to exist?