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Starship Refugees III: The Alien and the Engineer

by Susan Kelley on 2019-02-15

When an alien hijacks her ship, the chief engineer’s decision may cost her a broken heart and her people everything.

Chief Engineer Hart Engle’s only goal in life is to keep the one hundred and fifty-year-old Earth starship moving toward their final destination. When an alien boards the vessel, he offers hope, but can she trust him?

Karnin risks everything important to him to help the Earthlings. He doesn’t understand his people’s interest in these aliens from a distant planet called Earth. Then he meets Hart and decides they are worth saving.

Hart falls for the handsome, grim-faced alien as they work together to repair the faltering starship. All the while, a greater danger closes in on them. Karnin’s own people threaten the survival of Hart’s.

When the Earthling leaders hesitate to trust Karnin’s warning, he takes matters into his own hands. Feeling betrayed and used by Karnin, Hart picks up the pieces of her broken heart and helps her leaders overcome his alien technology and physical superiority.

If their mutual trust isn’t restored and their relationship healed, not only will Hart’s people perish, but Karnin’s entire race will face extinction.

Starship Refugees II: The Alien and the Amazon

by Susan Kelley on 2018-12-28

When an alien vows to save an Earthling woman from slavery and a planet about to explode, neither of them expect the fiercest fire will be between them.

Alien Elgin Traveler is astounded to meet the colonists from a distant planet called Earth. The unlucky Earthlings have landed on a planet on the verge of an extinction level volcanic eruption.

Captain Jess Britton had earned her role as leader of the newest Earth colony despite the challenges of wilderness survival ahead of them. An alien male shocks them when he makes contact and stuns them further by telling them that their new home is on a countdown to explode. Their landing ship was designed for a one-way trip, leaving them stranded.

Elgin would have helped the Earthlings regardless, but after meeting the tall, fearless guard captain, he’s willing to sacrifice everything to save Jess. Jess is accustomed to being treated as one of the guys. No man is attracted to a woman as tall and as intimidating as she is. Until the towering, handsome alien walks into her life.

Their mutual attraction could be short-lived as the forces of nature threatened them from all sides. Even as Elgin calls on his people to save the Earthlings, he keeps a dark secret from Jess. If he chooses treason and love, it could mean the end of his entire race. First, they must work together to survive the rage of nature and the malice of mankind and hope forgiveness will allow them a future together.

Starship Refugees I: The Alien and the Teacher

by Susan Kelley on 2018-09-21

Gwen is exhilarated to be part of Earth’s first space colony until a handsome alien with his own agenda makes contact.

The remnants of humanity have fled the dying Earth for the stars. Teacher and historian, Gwen Lively, finds every thing about the new planet exciting until a handsome alien makes contact and warns them of danger even as he helps them survive.

Aletian Painter Traveler isn’t merely intrigued by the Earthlings. The existence of this sentient species could be the answer to his race’s desperate situation. The Earthling women are beautiful beyond dreams and none more than Gwen. But their barbaric approach to colonization is too similar to the warlike past that nearly destroyed Aleta.

Painter’s secret agenda and the violent actions of a few Earthlings destroy his growing relationship with Gwen. If they can’t mend their broken trust, both of their people will face extinction.

Survivors of the Apocalypse #3: Exiles Savage Lady

by Susan Kelley on 2018-06-27

An exiled man returns to the city that threw him out and with the help of an extraordinary woman tries to save all his people.

The domed city is slowly starving. After being exiled, Robin Linden wants only two things. One is to be worthy of the extraordinary outsider, Kerry Gibbs. Knowing his first desire is out of reach, Robin focuses his determination on his second. He must bring the cure for the deadly plague to the city so all his people can live outside.

Kerry Gibbs finds city-man Robin Linden infuriating and ridiculously attractive at the same time. When he sneaks back inside the loathsome city, she has no choice but to follow along and protect him from his martyr complex. She hates the smelly confines inside the dome, but once she meets the innocents Robin wants to rescue, his goals become her own.

Their attempts are thwarted over and over again by the city leaders determined to stay in power. Even as Robin and Kerry succumb to their mutual attraction, broken promises undermine their burgeoning love. Robin wants only to save everyone and protect Kerry. Kerry doesn’t need or want his protection. She expects the stubborn man to see her as his equal and capable partner.

Their only chance to save the city and their friends depends on them learning to trust each other and the possibilities of a love beyond the limits of a post-apocalyptic world.

Hunter's Exiled Lady: Survivors of the Apocalypse # 1:

by Susan Kelley on 2017-07-26

In a dystopian future, a fierce, frontier survivor and a cultured, vulnerable city lady battle humanity’s extinction as well as their personal ill-advised attraction and mistrust

A pandemic viral infection destroys humanity, leaving only small pockets of survivors and one sterile city protected from the illness by a dome. In this dystopian world, the outsiders live on a frontier reminiscent of decades ago. In the protected city, resources dwindle after three centuries of isolation. In desperation, the city leaders mercilessly exile those they find troublesome or of little use.

Brody Gibbs feeds and protects his clan on the wild frontier outside the city. When he rescues the cultured, exiled city lady, he never suspects her fragile appearance camouflages a steely core and courageous heart.
Arissa Vargas finds the wild outside amazing, beautiful, and dangerous. A perfect match to the handsome man who saves her. She wants him with a heat like none she’s ever known, but can their fledging love survive her mistrust and secrets?

Brody risks the future of his clan by loving Arissa until her secret is exposed and tears them apart. When a horrifying enemy threatens everyone they care about, only their bravery and sacrifice can save their loved ones and maybe teach them what is really important in a loving relationship.