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The Temples: Book Three of The Blue Plane series

by T. Austin Campbell on 2018-01-28

Remember, love is the most important reality.

These words comfort Doug and Chris Scott, captives of The System, a universe of alternate realities. In the events of the two preceding books in the Blue Plane series, some of the mysteries of The System are revealed to them, but its purpose remains enigmatic. Now The System has changed! The situation has become more complicated with the appearance of Temples that serve as passageways between realities and chronicle the adventures of The System’s captives.

As Doug and Chris investigate the Temples, more people are captured by The System and try to cope with shifting time periods and realities. Colin and Eve are pursued across Europe by the Russian mob and battle their way across China and the Philippines. Three women defend themselves against blue-clad cultists in a medieval castle and modern Israel before taking on a treacherous drug ring. Meanwhile, Doug and Chris go from being wolves in Denali to fighting devastating time paradoxes.

The captives try to learn more about The System as the events of The Temples move from distant past to postapocalyptic future. The travelers come to realize that what will sustain them is love.