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Arriving Soon


Teclis's Sparks (Gracian Mates Book 3)

by T. Cobbin on 2019-02-21

Will Crimson agree to join Teclis and Coil's relationship and make their twosome a threesome?

Teclis and Coil are security officers assigned to the Gracian spaceship the Gemorph, but for the last few months they've been living on a small island on Earth where they've been learning to become more human-like. Due to the decline of female births on their planet, their race is nearing extinction. But their possible salvation has come from the most unexpected of places. Several of their warriors have found their sparks—or mates—in the form of human females. The Gracians are hopeful that more sparks will be discovered. Teclis has already found his spark, but not one that he can procreate with being his spark is male. Teclis and Coil are unsure if there is a female spark out there for them.

One afternoon something drifts past the Gracian's early warning system around the island, and when Tec and Coil go to investigate they discover a female floating in the sea. She's unconscious and badly beaten. Both Tec and Coil are shocked when they discover that this female is the spark to both of them. If she will accept them, their twosome will now become a threesome.

Crimson has spent her entire marriage being abused by her husband. She plucks up the courage, and after much planning, she escapes. But to her dismay, her husband finds her and takes her aboard his boat. After another severe beating, Crimson wishes for nothing but death and throws herself overboard. She wakes to discover that she's been rescued by aliens. And if that weren't enough of a shock, apparently two of these gorgeous aliens want to claim her for themselves.

After what Crimson endured at the hands of a man who was supposed to have loved her, she has no desire to enter into a relationship with any man, let alone two. But Teclis and Coil are awfully hard to resist. And when her husband comes looking for her, she discovers just how serious they are about wanting to love and protect her for all time.

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

Koop's Spark (Gracian Mates Book 2)

by T. Cobbin on 2018-09-17

Can a kidnap victim overcome her distress by helping the species that saved her?

Maggie is among a group of human women who were kidnapped by aliens. The Lesh intended to sell them into slavery, but thankfully, before that could happen, they were rescued by the Gracians. All Maggie wants to do is return home to her twin sister and her life as an architect. But the women's rescuers have informed them they cannot return home. Maggie is despondent as she struggles to accept her new life aboard the Gemorph.

Among the kidnapped victims, several Gracians have found their sparks, or mates. They are ecstatic as their race was in danger of becoming extinct, but now they have hope for survival. They want to visit Earth to see if more mates can be located, but first they need to train to become more human-like. They ask Maggie to help in that endeavor. As part of the plan, she gets to return to Earth, for a short time at least, and will ask her sister for assistance with executing the first step of the plan.

Koop is an officer on the Gemorph. When his captain asks him to work with Maggie, one of the human females, to create an area for their warriors to train in, Koop accepts the challenge. But things don't go as planned when a human custom of shaking hands goes wrong. As soon as the pair touch, it's obvious that they are sparks.

But Maggie has struggled so hard with the idea of being on the Gemorph, unable to resume her life on Earth. How will she deal with being a Gracian's spark? Koop would never force her to accept him, but if she doesn't, it's a death sentence for him…literally.

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

Trian's Spark (Gracian Mates Book 1)

by T. Cobbin on 2018-04-13


Can a human female really be an alien's destined mate?

Amelia is on holiday, hiking in Scotland, when a weird-shaped dart hits her in the neck. Almost immediately, she loses consciousness. Waking up some time later, she discovers she's being held captive on an alien spaceship along with twenty other women.

The Gracian race is nearing extinction. They've spent years in space searching for compatible females. Complicating the situation further, not just any female will do—the Gracians are only able to have children with their eternal mate, also known as their spark.

Trian, a Gracian warrior and the captain of the Gemorph, knows he's reached that stage in his life where he must find his spark soon or he'll 'flare' and succumb to death. Basically, he's a ticking time bomb.

While exploring a new part of space, the Gemorph comes across Earth and finds a Lesh ship cruising nearby. The Lesh are notorious for kidnapping females and selling them off to be slaves. Trian vows that he will protect these females and prevent them from suffering that cruel fate.

When they rescue the human females, Trian is intrigued by a beautiful woman named Amelia, and he begins to suspect she could in fact be his spark. But she's not at all happy about her current situation, so he'll have to proceed cautiously. They'll have to take things slow, despite the fact he could flare and die at any moment.

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes