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That Man has Ice in his Veins (Also Rocket Fuel)

by T.J. Land on 2019-01-13

Grumpy supersoldier Osiris Vanguard and Bobby, the galaxy’s horniest robot, are having a lousy day. Their ship’s wrecked and they’re stranded on a backwater planet with no booze, bullets, or convenient beds to fool around in. Will our heroes get back into space with their dignity intact? Will they survive at least two pathetically lazy assassination attempts? Will Bobby get into Osiris’s pants? THE ANSWERS LIE WITHIN.

M/M, scifi romance

That Man has an Iron Will (and an Erection to Match)

by T.J. Land on 2018-12-20

Osiris Vanguard and Bobby Macintosh, space bounty hunters extraordinaire, have got a hot new job lined up. It’s a damn good one; easy, a big fat pile of cash when it’s over, and with a low likelihood of getting either of them shot or arrested.

One problem:

In order to actually get the job done, they’ll need to stop having sex for five minutes.

Scifi, M/M, sexy fluff.

That Man Has the Heart of a Machine (But His Bum is Nice and Squishy)

by T.J. Land on 2018-12-12

Together, Osiris Vanguard and Bobby Macintosh are the most infamous bounty hunting team in the solar system. Osiris is the leader, an ex-soldier who values discipline and efficiency above all else. Bobby, on the other hand, is a shameless scoundrel who nonetheless keeps their spaceship running and keeps Osiris from working himself into an early grave.

For two years now, Osiris has had a secret crush on his partner. Very secret. He’s a professional, after all. It’s not professional to fall in love with your co-workers. Besides, Bobby may not even be into men.

What Osiris is about to find out is that Bobby also has a secret. And it just might get them both killed.

Sci-fi romance

The Captain

by T.J. Land on 2018-12-01

The Prayer and her crew have been lost in space for four years.

Thomas is lonely and homesick.

Zachery is angry and mutinous.

Rick is just terrified.

The only thing holding them together is their captain, whose methods for boosting morale are unconventional but extremely effective.

M/M, erotic romance.