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Arriving Soon


Time Blitz

by TAGS IT on 2018-03-20

Bradley Connors is on a business trip to London when he accidentally discovers a time portal which transports him from the present day to wartime Great Britain at the height of the Blitz. Luckily, Bradley is rescued by James, a handsome and headstrong young American who’s volunteered with the RAF. James gets the injured and confused time traveler through his first air raid, but even after the German bombers are gone, Bradley can’t stop thinking about the brave and beautiful young man that helped him. He’s drawn back to James again and again, despite the dangers posed not only by the war but also by the social conventions of the time. What adventures will this modern gay man get up to in a past where being queer was still a crime and how will he convince his old-fashioned lover to embrace the life he’s offering?