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Arriving Soon


BloodTrip (Supernatural Cuckold Suspense)

by Tali Fleming on 2018-11-12

A simple end to a busy day turns complicated the moment Salice enters Jason's life. She's stunning, and elegant. A darker aura shrouded with class, and a polished by grace.

Jason quickly realizes it's impossible to say no to such creatures. In fact, after Salice's clever and brash slice-of-hand trick, Jason finds it euphoric to only obey her very subtle requests.

Problem is, the love of his life is another woman entirely. He's happily coupled with Nora, the woman of his dreams. Yet, here he is walking down the street with Salice, and there he goes down a dark alley to spend some time alone with this newfound "friend."

And when it's over, he heads home, not at all guilty, and most definitely not finished with his needs. Oddly, Nora's in the same mood.

As the two begin their evening together, pictures arrive on his phone. Pictures that blow his mind.

The journey begins. Jason must piece it all together. But, one thing is for certain. His relationship with Nora will never be the same, and the thorn forevermore in his side.... will always be Salice.