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Pareshka: Reverse Harem Alien Romance (The Priestess's of Anula Book 1)

by Tamsin Baker on 2019-03-27

My brother and I have traveled the known Universe barely making enough money to feed ourselves. But that life is almost at an end. I heard a rumor... of a priestess who needs a lover who can satisfy her. And I'm sure we can fulfill the job!

Pareshka is a Goddess, her fertility and satisfaction in bed linked with the health of her planet.
Her city is dying, her people are infertile and trade has almost stopper.
There is only one way to save her community.
Satisfy the Goddess.

Sci-fi fantasy alien romance. Reverse Harem. Three dominant brothers and one very blue woman.

*** This is a reverse harem romance. Only read this if you are an adult and if these themes do not offend you.