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The Nanny's Temptation: A Time Travel Romance (A Billionaire Romance Out of Time Book 1)

by Tara C. Mars on 2019-03-05

Sabrina Devane never imagined how her life would change overnight.

She was wandering the streets, trying to find a way to move on with her life, until a chance encounter with a little girl sends her into the orbit of a billionaire, Gus Fortier.

When she moves into his mansion after accepting a job as his daughter's nany, she's swept up into a modern whirlwind of wealth and security, and she finds herself instantly falling for the strong but gentlemanly, Gus.

However, she hides a secret from the past, one that can change everything and ruin her life forever. 

Her good luck runs out when a glamorous visitor comes calling and she wants Sabrina oout of the mansion: Donna, Gus' ex-wife has arrived and she has not good news.

Will a nose housekeeper with an eye for detail find a way to get rid of Donna for good?

And will Gus discover Sabrina's secret?

The Nanny's Temptation is the first book in "A Billionaire Romance Out of Time" series. It's a nanny billionaire romance novel with a time travel twist.