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A Captain's Discipline

by Taryn Williams on 2018-08-15

A strict captain teaches harsh lessons…

On the colorful planet of Minos, Empresses are selected by vote after their performance in the Crown Competition. When Kylia travels from Earth to fulfill a promise she made on her grandmother's deathbed, she reluctantly becomes a Crown Competitor. The more Minister Mordin tries to convince her to abandon the competition, the more she turns to the strict Captain Mason for the training necessary to win.

Although only Empresses, never Emperors, rule Minos, no female is ever exempt from discipline, whether Empress, Crown Competitor, or ordinary citizen. Kylia is forced to submit to Captain Mason during her training to become Empress… but will she come to love him?

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.

A Master's Discipline

by Taryn Williams on 2018-07-18

Princess Vellia SeDonna, daughter of Donna SeRequia of Iveronne, will not be treated like this!

She has been taken by pirates and is now in the bedchamber of their barbarian ruler, a black-hearted one who encourages and subsidizes such dealings. She has been confined and touched by all sorts of filthy rabble – a group in which she includes the enormous man who is standing in front of her – and she isn’t going to put up with it any longer!

K’Tahl Mazon of Maladine is the richest, most powerful man on the planet. He is a genius in battle and in business, but he has very particular tastes in women, therefore his harem is not particularly full.

He prefers quality over quantity, and the princess – annoying little baggage that she is – is definitely that, although she lacks discipline, which he is only too happy to provide.

Publisher's Note: This dark romance includes elements of power exchange.

Captive Discipline (Demetrian Brides Book 1)

by Taryn Williams on 2017-12-02

Janys has been sent to research the archaic customs on Demeter. Slipping out after curfew, she was attempting to spy on a men's gathering when she was caught and, fearful of causing interplanetary problems, the Ambassador refuses to intervene.

Janys is charged with a serious crime, one that could lead to exile on the prison planet of Kollent. Worse, she has no defense – she is a trained sociologist, well familiar with the laws. But she does have some friends on Demeter, and one of them proposes a solution that's likely to save her life: marriage. Once married to a Demetrian man, Janys will be under his control – and correction. Seeing this as her only hope, she agrees.

But what has she agreed to? The Demetrian society believes in strict, severe corporal punishment. She quickly finds herself subject not only to her husband, but to her mother-in-law, for that is the custom of the land. Then an opportunity to escape presents itself. Dare she take it?

Publisher's Note: This full-length science-fiction romance is intended for adults only. It contains explicit themes and power exchange.