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The Sightseers Agency (Creadnought Collective)

by terry tumbler on 2017-11-21

Welcome to my fantasy world. It is not set in some mythical universe, but here on young Planet Earth.

It relates events happening in the not too distant future, where the unimaginable has happened: society has evolved without suffering near-extinction from a myriad of catastrophic disasters.

The population is reducing from its overblown previous level, and life as we know it is becoming idyllic.

As you might expect, there are hiccups on the way, with murderous and criminal behavior yet to be fully eradicated.

Religion only exists in pockets, now that we realize how we evolved, naturally, and did not need a helping hand in the ongoing process.

How did we develop that realization? With awareness from aliens. After all, they seeded our beloved planet using us as guinea pigs.

The problem is, those we’ve allied ourselves with don’t care about us very much. However, they do like what we possess, sufficiently to want to share it with us in the meantime, hidden from view except to those in the know.

This book contains a series of whodunit escapades with serious undertones.

Ignore the all too real messages it contains at your peril.