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Her Rohxari Warriors: An Alien Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance (Rohxari Brides Book 2)

by Thanika Hearth on 2018-08-15

Some women can never be tamed by only one man. Luckily, Rohxari Warriors are not your everyday men. And they come in threes…

Riley is a xenoecologist ... that means it's her job to figure out if alien planets are safe for humans to live on.

When Angel comes home with three drop-dead gorgeous Rohxari men, plenty of people are interested to visit this paradise for themselves. But not until Riley has done her job.

But the three men who bring her from danger back to their planet aren't going to help her get work done any time soon...

Her Rohxari Guardians: An Alien Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance (Rohxari Brides Book 1)

by Thanika Hearth on 2018-07-03

Some women can never be tamed by only one man. Luckily, Rohxari Warriors are not your everyday men. And they come in threes…

Following the last alien attack, Angel lost much more than her arm -- she lost the respect of her crew.

Traveling around space, it’s easy to get lost…

But sometimes, instead, you find everything you didn’t know you were looking for.

Like three huge, powerful, armed Rohxari guardians tasked with beating away the very aliens that nearly took Angel’s life. Like a savage planet, a paradise; a home.

Like a prophecy, that can’t possibly be true, that the Rohxari Queen will soon be returning.

Angel doesn’t believe in prophecies; she doesn’t believe in fate. But Saxxon, Wylar and Huck do.

She’d walk away, but … there are three of them, and they’re much stronger than her.

And, hell, maybe it’d be fun to be princess of paradise for a day.

Warning: The new Rohxari Brides series is three times the man. If you don’t like men who are used to getting their own way, and women who fight against fate, this isn’t the series for you!

Vyken: (Warriors of Firosa Book 3)

by Thanika Hearth on 2018-03-26

"I have taken down more enemies than anyone else I’ve ever met. I was named after the Firosan word for bloodlust.

And yet this human in front of me ... she is making me wonder for the first time if that’s enough."

Vyken is one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. No, the universe. Though Vyken was hesitant at first to accept the responsibility of General in the Firosan military, he was sent on his first real mission ... and then the rest is a blank. He doesn't remember a thing. But when he returns to his home planet, Paxia, his King wants him to answer for crimes so gruesome he couldn't have even conceived of them.

This fearsome, trusted warrior has gone from an honored general to a dangerous fugitive in the space of the blink of an eye. And now Vyken, just like his name suggests, is truly out for blood.

When clues lead him to a shapely human female on a planet named Earth, Vyken's life heads in a direction he could never have expected. He expects to find answers, but instead he finds that maybe companionship isn't so bad after all.

"Maybe cutting all ties and faking my own death [i]wasn't[/i] a great idea after all. Who knew?"

Roxie can't handle the idea that she might be promised to a vicious alien warlord. She's a chameleon, can blend in anywhere out of necessity, but space? In the middle of a war? No thank you. So she disappears into the shadows. Because it might not be a great life, but at least it's the one she's chosen.

Right? Wrong. Because instantly a scarred, glaring alien fugitive with more muscle than sense snatches her from her planet and whisks her into space. He seems to think she has something to do with some awful faraway crimes. Is he insane? If he's really so dangerous and terrifying, why is she so drawn to him?