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The Savior

by The Savior on 2017-12-09

Alien seeking love, curves preferred!

BBW On Duty + Dangerously Sexy Alien + A Mating Prophecy =Sizzling Hot Alien Romance


***The Savior***
“I wanted to get lost in that perfect moment and I wanted nothing more than but to embrace him and make some wild love to him. He was like the drug which you know may end up harming you terribly, but you are powerless and still end up being addicted to it.”
When Anna comes face to face with Nick, she is puzzled to find that her childhood superhero, the savior who helped her live looks every bit the same. Time has been uncannily kind to him and she storms a list of question. Nick refuses to give her the closure she needs. Read this tale of alien romance wherein love traverses multiple dimensions and unveils layers of truth and lies.

WARNING: This Book Will Fill You With Intense and Relentless Sexual Desire. Intended for Adult Audiences Only! Read at Your Own Risk.