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Bound to the Alien Dragon Mage

by Thea Dane on 2017-10-26

Freelance researcher Jasmine Andrew takes a job at Pax Corp, a secret organization in search of extraterrestrial life. One night when a stranger with eyes of amber fire appears out of thin air, she barely has time to gasp before he pulls her into a black void. On the other side lies Ozar, a world of dragon shifters, and Jasmine is now bound to one of its strongest and mysterious kings.

Braegon Bloodsworn is the last dragon mage-king in his technological world. He fiercely guards his volcanic island kingdom from meddlers, but he never came upon one like the brown-skinned, curvy beauty from Earth before. He discovers she's his long sought-after mate. Jasmine, despite her powerful attraction to him, has doubts. Now that he's brought a fertile female to the island, Braegon has to protect her at all times. Yet amid all this, a great threat looms over the entire planet. Only Braegon and Jasmine hold the key to uniting the five kingdoms and destroying the danger for good.

BOUND TO THE DRAGON MAGE is a steamy, fast-paced romantic read of 25,000 words with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after (HEA). Escape to another world with the Dragons of Ozar!

Mated to the Alien Dragon King: BBW Alien Dragon Shifter Pregnancy Romance (Dragons of Ozar)

by Thea Dane on 2017-07-16

Escape to Planet Ozar, where kingdoms clash and alpha dragons fight for the women they claim as mates.

When the kingdom of Terenth is conquered by the powerful Vrexorians, Princess Ilia Redclaw has only one option to save herself and her people. She must become the mate of King Amal H'rain, ruler of the dragons who inhabit the dangerous Greenfire Mountains. Afraid of the desire his piercing green eyes and dominant nature awaken inside her, Ilia suggests a marriage in name only, but the dragon king will have none of it. He intends to make the virgin princess his own in every way. Yet Ilia harbors deep hurts and a secret she fears will bring her shame if he finds out.

Amal has always admired Ilia since they met years ago. But now he finds the flame-haired, curvy beauty even more attractive. When reports surface that her deceased father freed criminals on nearby planet Kryt in attempt to conquer Ozar, Amal debates whether his new bride had knowledge of it and chose to keep silent. As an invasion from Kryt looms over the mountains, Amal must meet the threat. Then Ilia goes missing. Can he find her and save the kingdom in time?

MATED TO THE ALIEN DRAGON KING is a steamy, fast-paced romantic read of 23,000 words with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after (HEA). Escape to another world with the Dragons of Ozar!