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Versatile Layer: The Red Girl

by Thomas Davis on 2018-09-10

Jake Takeda is a gifted student living a quiet life on Lhasa space colony. His life is forever changed when he meets a red girl named Adeola, an alien warrior lost in Lhasa. Together they must survive threats from both of their worlds.

Versatile Layer: The Red Girl is the beginning of an epic Space Opera that will span decades and worlds. But it’s not solely a story about danger and intrigue. It’s a story about people. The decisions they make, how they relate to one another, how they overcome fear and adversity. It’s an enriching experience that will make you laugh, cry, and think. Take the first step and join the adventure.

80 years ago, humanity's interstellar war with the Arez ended when both sides suffered catastrophic losses of life. The fighting has ended but the hatred between the two species remains. The fragile ceasefire is only maintained by a shared fear of extinction on the part of both races but the slightest spark could reignite the war.

Jake’s simple life is thrown into chaos when he frees Adeola from a mysterious pod he finds in his father’s salvage yard. They form a bond that could save the future but only if they can survive the hatred that threatens to destroy both of their cultures. It’s a desperate race to stay ahead of Station Security as they hunt Adeola. All the while, in the shadows, a team dispatched by the Arez conducts a violent search for the red girl.