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Seeking Emily (Broken Infinities Book 3)

by Till Noever on 2018-12-01

2022 C.E.On the morning after the third anniversary of their first meeting, Damian wakes, to find his wife, Emily, gone without a trace. And things are worse than that. Nobody remembers anything about Emily ever having existed. And in his home, the one they had shared for two years, there's no trace of her ever having been there. It is as empty as it had been before she moved in with him.Had those two happy years been nothing but a dream? Had he been lost in a fantasy, and only now returned to reality? But for Damian, Emily was not a dream. She was more real than anything he'd ever known. His anchor. His salvation. His missing half. With Damian finding himself disconnected from his world and seriously doubting his sanity, help comes from an unexpected quarter. Because even though nobody seems to know of her, some-'thing' does remember. Driven by despair and renewed hope, Damian sets out on a quest that turns everything he thought he knew about reality on its head, and which sends him through a maelstrom of multiverse histories and time, to try and knit his and Emily's worlds back together.
Emily, too, awakens to find Damian gone and her world changed. How can she find and connect with him again? How can she make him know her as they had known each other in another time and universe? Emily knows that she must. Because without their connection both of their lives make no sense.
Finding Emily is a love story, spanning worlds, time and the multiverse.