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Arriving Soon


Fatal Relationship

by Tomo MAKIYAMA on 2018-02-01

――In the middle of 24th century in TOKYO,
Chihaya, a gifted drug compounder and a member of an underground organization called “Loose” is now sharing his apartment with Celeria, a professional bodyguard.
Chihaya looks as young as he’s in his mid 20’s, but actually is a yin-yang master's son who’s damned to live forever without getting older for more than a thousand years.
Celeria, on the other hand, is a maverick vampire wereleopard born with immaculate white fur.
An ice-cold vampire lives on poisoned blood of a man who cannot die.
This solitary couple gets a strange job offer...

“It’s been a while.” buzzed Chihaya ASHIYA, reading the call-out message on his PDA screen.
It was a job offer. The message just said “Detail at my office.”
They rarely make business exchange through network device.
They usually talk business face-to-face.
Jobs, selected carefully by the president of his company, seldom come down to Chihaya.
The selected offer is survived the screening by his boss, which means it should be legal and safe at least.
Still, Chihaya has got his final call of take it or drop it.
Even if he turns it down, the president is always indulgent for his employee and inclement for his client.
The company’s policy is audacious one, completely disregarding the profitability.
In fact, Chihaya has taken only the jobs he liked for years, knowing his life style is far from the spirit of sedulity.
He shrugged and chucked his PDA, thinking whether to take the job or not.
Although no due time is given, the sooner the better.
“Now I’ve got a big thing to deal with before leaving.”
Chihaya stood up from the couch then had a stretch and he left the living room.
He walked down the hallway to another room.
Since the 4-bedroom condo was designed for foreigners, each room was rather spacious for Chihaya whose physical attribute is of average Japanese. His cohabiter, the dweller of the room, enjoys its benefit.
Chihaya knocked on the door and got no answer. He repeated the same for some times and yet got nothing.
He thought that was enough for courtesy and forced his way into the room. Went straight to the window, he opened up the curtain and said,
“Look! You should get up for this bright daylight.”
“Look, there’s no better day for going out, don’t you think?”
“Shut up…You get out of here if you want to.”
It’s Celeria Blanc dropping anchor deep down in his bed and grumbling, who shares this dwelling with Chihaya.
As you can tell from his name, he has different background form Chihaya. He doesn’t know where Celeria is from as he’s never answered when asked. For his appearance seems so strange for him speaking fluent Japanese, Chihaya assumed his friend is from somewhere around western or northern Europe.
Celeria, being his partner on business, he also has to go to the office with Chihaya. He knows how annoying this is to Celeria who had just come home with dizziness of dawn and had hardly slept, there is no way else. It is 9:30 in the morning, when everyone else is already ready for his work.
“You know it’s about a business and we have to go together”.
“So, we’re leaving at 10.”
“Hey, are you with me Celeria? Or you just want me to wake you up in more tender fashion do you?”
“You shut your mouth now.”
Celeria groaning in basso lifted himself up
His inarguably acid countenance was made even more so with his ice-cold silver eyes. His overperfect glacial beauty is fierce this morning.
As he is such an Adonis that just a blink can be fatal, there would have been dozen blown minds only if he was not this surly. But in reality, uneasy atmosphere is observed easily in his crunchy husky voice.
A coward would freeze and an ordinary would glance aside in a cold sweat for his piercing glance.
But Ch