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Arriving Soon


Sinner (The Arcanian Chronicles Part 2 Book 1)

by Toni V. Sweeney on 2018-03-01

Aric kan Ingan had it all.
Pampered and spoiled, he had been groomed since the age of twelve to be heir to the throne of Arcanis…until his uncle surprised everyone by falling in love with an Earthwoman.
Headstrong and beautiful, Elizabeth Sheffield had never met a man she couldn’t wrap around her little finger…until she met Aric. The vengeful former heir and the margrave’s bride are instant enemies, trading threats and insults, until Fate gives their feud an unexpected complication and makes them fall in love.
While Aric and Elizabeth engage in their passionate but illicit affair, other forces in the kingdom are gathering for a more sinister alliance, conspiring rebellion and murder…
…with Aric as the not-so-innocent pawn.