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Arriving Soon


Breaking and Entering of the Heart (Shadow Bobbies Book 1)

by Trinity Blacio on 2019-03-19

For years, they had traveled, moving from place to place, looking for a city where their team would fit in, where humans could accept them. Then, they stumbled upon the town of Elyria. Not only had they been welcomed, but at once, they had been accepted as a new law in their city, working the beat, cops, or, what they called themselves, the Shadow Bobbies.
But what Finch and his team didn’t realize was that the existing police force had no idea they had been brought on. Not only was the chief of police corrupt, but he was also one of the lowest forms of human Finch hated, a dealer in human trafficking.
The mayor of Elyria, Skylar Nighturn, had her share of grief, and sometimes there was a pocket of it hidden inside of her ready to explode, ready to erupt at any given time. She might seem like the fierce little woman, as these new Shadow Buddies had called her, but they didn’t see her own shadow that lurked, waiting to strike.
She needed their help, and maybe even for herself, too. These cops, shadows, ghosts, or walkers, men that can move between the worlds when they’re needed or wanted had made this city safer and hopefully could heal the mayor’s soul.

Loving Phoenix (Magic, New Mexico: Little Angel Rescue Book 1)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-07-24

Nava Torres’ life was one of turmoil and danger. Considered a freak of nature by her peers and hunted by the government, she never expected to find a place where she could feel safe – until she heard about a town called Magic. For the first time since her parents’ deaths, she felt awe, hope, and something even stranger – attraction to a man who could heat her blood with one look!
Special Ops Marine, Saxon Wehurst, had sworn off women – at least until he met a fiery redhead with black streaks that made him want to run his hands through the colorful tresses. There was nothing in the world that could fire up his protective instincts faster than a woman with trouble nipping at her heels and fire in her hair.
When outside forces threaten Nava and the town, Saxon and his men are more than ready to gear up to protect them both. For Saxon, it is personal – nothing stands between a Bull Dog and his mate – not even the government. Will Saxon and his men be able to protect the woman he loves and save the town, or will she be taken from him forever? Whatever happens, it is time to feel the Burn.

Ghost Warriors : Book Six of the Running in Fear Series

by Trinity Blacio on 2017-07-07

In Ghost Warriors, the sixth title in the best-selling Running in Fear series by #1 Amazon paranormal romance writer Trinity Blacio, strong-willed vampire Lissa must take on the challenge of being mated to four supernatural men, as well as saving her world.

No matter what came her way, Lissa had always been a fighter. Yet, when Lissa learns she is mated to four men, she swears someone is out to get her!

Nikola, Castor, and shifter brothers Adonis and Pierre have all vowed to keep their mate safe, but Lissa has other ideas now that their world is beset by dangerous magical enemies and violent zombies! As a vampire herself, she can hold her own—but with an inevitable war between the supernatural species approaching, can Lissa and her mates build their relationship while they keep each other safe?