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Gram's Lovin' Fears (Grandma's Need Loving Too Book 3)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-12-14

The winds of change... Cassidy Byrne has always had an affinity for nature. The wind and the animals give her a sense of tranquility. She lives a quiet life with her adopted daughter, avoiding other people as much as possible. Her peaceful existence suddenly shatters in one day, leaving her reeling and wondering if she is strong enough to face all the changes that are about to happen.

Malachi, Krill, and Surne—three men from three different worlds find their mate in one very special woman. The question is—will she accept them? Each man will do whatever it takes to protect Cassidy, but will it be enough?

Cassidy searches for a way to deal with the sudden changes and emotional overload. She accepts that some things in life may be out of her control, but that doesn’t mean she can’t resist it—or at least pretend to for a little while. Can the three men convince Cassidy that life is about the journey and that every day can be an adventure if she opens her heart and accepts them?

LAR Collection: Magic, New Mexico

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-11-14

Loving Phoenix:
Nava Torres never expects to find a place where she feels at home-or attracted to a man who makes her burn the way Saxon Wehurst does.
Magic In His Touch:
The prison walls that held Elf are no match for Kayden, the man who not only frees her, but shows her that life and love are possible if she dares to accept what he has to give her.
Storm’s Magical Halloween:
Magic is in the air this Halloween and Storm finds herself with two men who want to show her how special this holiday can be!

Storm's Magical Halloween: Little Angel Rescue (Magic, New Mexico)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-10-30

Can they give her a magical Halloween?
Storm Lope is half pixie/half human and is known for her hot temper and her ability to hold a grudge. Storm learned to use both as self-defense to protect her fragile heart. Those defenses had worked well for her until she met two irritating men who refuse to be scared off.
Nolan Moree and Marty Draco vow to break through Storm’s fiery walls. They almost lost her once. They weren’t going to take a chance of ever letting that happen again. With danger surrounding them, the men set out to give Storm a magical Halloween where nightmares are replaced with I dos, and Happy Ever Afters are real!

Magic In His Toucj: Little Angel Rescue (Book 2) (Magic, New Mexico)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-07-31

Elf’s life was confined to the four walls of her prison. Nothing changed the dark horrors of her life. Her one attempt at freedom had nearly killed her. So, she existed—imprisoned within the only walls she had ever known.
Kayden Dresco knew since he was a teen what he wanted to do with his life. What he had not expected was to find Elf. Scarred, frightened, but defiant, this beautiful woman quickly became his world. Now, his biggest fear was if he could keep her safe.
Elf and Kayden had to find a way to escape before the Gifted Special Project claimed another victim. Can Elf find a way past the nightmares that hold her as much a prisoner as the four walls did, or will her fears destroy not only her, but Kayden as well?

Finding Hope: Book Ten of the Running in Fear Series

by Trinity Blacio on 2017-12-14

Hope Catcher had seen it all—from the fall of the world as she had known it to monsters from her nightmares becoming her reality, but somehow she had managed to survive.

From an early age, Hope had learned to depend on herself. All she every wanted was a family to love. How was she supposed to know that three blue men—three very big huge men--were her future? Or that she was the fifth woman who was destined to save everyone. Talk about pressure!

Gourd Windura and his partners, Jester and Fand, had trained all their lives to be the best warriors they could be, and when one of their enemies kidnapped his family, death is the only thing on his mind. What these men never expected was to find their chosen one, a Little Bear with three cubs, on this dangerous mission. Not only had she stolen their heart, but she taught them that even small packages could be fierce in love and battle.

Together the four of them face their new lives. United, as their family grows by leaps, so does their love for all of those around them.

This is the final title in the best-selling Running in Fear series. The world continues in a new series The Laws of Love.