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Skeggox: The Orc Rising

by Twila Tewson on 2017-08-08

When Skeggox catches his favorite human rescuing another orc from a trap, he’s indignant. Not that the other orc enjoys Alwit’s company too – that’s just good taste on his part – but over the (enthusiastic) forfeit that Javelin gets to pay when he’s rescued. Alwit had never even tried to make him sob like that! And thus begins Skeggox’s cunning plot to lure his favorite human into liking him best of all too.

Unfortunately, the best laid schemes of orcs and men rarely go to plan, and getting Alwit to do as he wants – without just giving up and demanding it – is harder than Skeggox ever expected. But if Skeggox isn’t careful, he may well find himself rising for Alwit. And there is nothing more temperamental – or dangerous – than a rising orc.

This roughly 28,500 word story is only for adults.