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Penduli Station (Larunda Legacy)

by Tyra Burton on 2018-08-08

A warrior and an emissary are caught between suspicion and space, where deception can lead to death.

Annwyn Silk is literally inches away from her dream of serving on the New Contact team—and ditching her royal identity—when an explosion rocks the ship. Now the brooding, secretive Larunda Force team leader stands in her way with his suspicion that she’s the culprit.

The last time Major Damius Elkwood allowed a civilian in on an investigation, one of his team members was hurt. Problem is, Annwyn is the only alchemist available. Worse, she charms his companion wolf, whose constant presence at his side keeps his secret from spiraling out of control.

But as suspicions collide with evidence of scandal reaching the highest levels of planetary influence, they realize that without trust, none of them stand a chance. Because in this game, everyone’s life is on the line.