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Arriving Soon


The Survivors Book IV: Spring

by V. L. Dreyer on 2017-10-16

Tomorrow. For ten long years, that was a word no one was willing to say. The virus took so many, and the few left behind lived a hollow life, scrounging in the ruins of a dead society. Now, that is finally beginning to change. More and more people are flocking to Sandy McDermott’s banner, and with each new soul the group becomes stronger and more self-reliant.

The virus still lingers, though. In the air, the water, the food they eat, and even inside their own bodies. Only their meagre immunity stands between them and the walking death. They live with the constant fear that the virus could mutate at any time, or that their own children may not inherit the gene that grants them immunity.

In the darkness, a beacon of hope has appeared, a shining light to guide their way to a new tomorrow. There is a rumour that a cure for the virus was discovered, a vaccine that could finally render Ebola X obsolete forever, if they can only find it.

This is the dawn of humanity’s reawakening. If the rumours turn out to be true, it will be their salvation. There will be nothing left to hold them back. They will be able to build their new city, and unite the remaining survivors with a shared vision of hope.

Are the rumours true, though? There’s no way to know – but only one way to find out.

THE SURVIVORS: A tale of love, hope, and humanity set against the backdrop of post-apocalyptic New Zealand.