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The Nightfall Billionaire: Serial Installment #1 (Scarlet McRae)

by Vanessa Blackstone on 2019-05-31

It was a chilling mystery.

The United States is no more.

By 2076, the world has fallen into darkness…

…and a mysterious young girl has broken into a military base.

Where did she come from? And what does she want? The military might know, but how much will they talk?

Most important of all, how can this powerful child be found and stopped before it's too late?

Join paranormal investigator Scarlet McRae as she seeks to track down the girl and discover her earth-shattering secret.

Along the way, encounter the elusive billionaire Mac Stone. He wants to find the girl, and he wants Scarlet, but how far can this dominant man be trusted? And whose side is he really on?

In this dystopian, futuristic world, appearances can be diabolically deceiving.

You'll love this genre-transcending romantic thriller because of its twists and surprises.

Join the investigation. Pick up your first installment of this serialized novel now.